South Florida Drug Rehab

What You Need to Know

Detox of South Florida makes it their highest priority to learn the in's and out's of each patients addiction background. The entire staff dedicates themselves to finding out what makes each patient tick. Everyone has their own story, their struggles, and histories of addiction. It is with this understanding that detox of south Florida works as a team with patients, to discover the most reliable path to lifelong sobriety.

Is addiction all the same?

Just like all patients are different, so are the habits they suffer with on a daily basis. Many addicts use drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with a traumatic event in their life; others use their addictions to deal with mental disorders such as bi polar disorder, anxiety or depression. When a patient has a mental disorder as well as addiction, it is known as co-occurring disorders. Detox of South Florida's team is skilled in identifying these disorders, helping them to create a specialized road to recovery for every patient. 

Treatment Options

There are several treatment options available to combat the many forms and faces of addiction seen at Detox of South Florida. One of the treatments used on patients with long-term opiate and alcohol addictions is an IV amino acid therapy. This therapy uses amino acids to replace the neurotransmitters that have been depleted by the abuse of alcohol and opiates. IV amino acid Therapy can also be used to help addicts that use drugs or alcohol to reduce chronic pain. 

What About After Recovery?

Once the path to recovery is in motion for the patients of Detox of South Florida, it is time to send them back into the world to adhere the skills they have learned to everyday life. After the program has released individuals for good, they will continue to work with patients on their lifelong journey to sobriety by implementing a post-recovery outreach program, Enabling any struggling patients to connect with peers that share similar needs and guidance as well as professionals.