South Florida Drug Rehab

Alcohol and drug abuse have become a challenge both to the governments and the society. Sadly, the misuse of drugs and alcohol seems not to let go. Despite continued campaigns and substance mitigation programs, more persons are not heeding. In case one of your loved ones is affected by substance or alcohol addiction, Detox of South Florida is the place to seek for the solution.

What are the services offered at Detox of South Florida?

Our staff

Our rehabilitation center has specialized doctors who have a long experience in dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Also, the care providers have undergone the mandatory degree training. Before joining our facility, doctors are engaged in a rigorous interview to ensure we get the best. Our friendly staff understand the magnitude of the alcohol and substance abuse and offer the best advice to ensure quick recovery and avoid relapse.

Serene Environment

Treatment for drugs and alcohol addiction requires a tranquil surrounding to ensure speedy and adequate recovery. Detox of South Florida has the required environment and amenities for dealing with substance abuse. 

Duration of treatment

For a successful rehabilitation, patients are detoxified before treatment commences. Detoxification ensures the patient is free from the residual effects of alcohol or drugs. At Detox of Florida, the main aim of recovery is paramount. We have an excellent success rate in treatment for a duration of one to three months. Different duration depends on the severity of the patient.

Group and individual services

At Detox of Florida, we provide both personal and group recovery programs. These programs are categorized according to different requirements of the patients and through the advice of the doctors. 

Payment options

Detox of Florida has flexible and affordable payment options. Besides, we accept payments from all major insurance companies. We advise our potential customers to send their insurance information, and we offer guidance on coverage and any additional costs. Learn more about south Florida drug rehab come visit us at our site.